Why stand in line at the grocery store?

We deliver in a matter of minutes

We’re all over the map

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We constantly expand our reach. Click the button above to see which areas we currently cover.

Can you get to the shop and back in 10 minutes?

We can. So why not save yourself the hassle of going to the store, looking for everything you need, wait in line at the till, and then carry your groceries all the way back home? 

Simply download our app, tap the items you want, and we’ll deliver them to your doorstep at super-human speed. 

1. choose

Choose from thousands of products at the same price you’d pay in-store. 

2. order

Order the items you need quicker than you can tap out a social media update. 

3. dingdong!

Your doorbell rings ten minutes later – we’re here with your groceries!

We offer a wide selection of everyday products. Whether fruit or vegetables, delicious ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s, sustainable salads grown in the underground of Stockholm or a large selection of vegetarian and vegan products – we deliver your favorite products to your door.  And that in 10 minutes at supermarket prices. We source only the highest quality products for you, ensuring your food is fresh and nutritious, and we also adapt our national range to provide local products in each city.

Join the shopping revolution

Become a Bell-Ringer

Ever rang doorbells as a kid? Our riders don’t get in trouble – they get paid!